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Are You searching for a Professional and Reliable, Expert Company that will Transfer " Your Business Dream Pojection " in a High Functional's Website?

Do You need an On-line Digital Shop that is able to overtake the competition - in an complete Organic way -  and that Grows Independently Over time?
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Are You looking for a serious and highly Specialized company for the creation of Your professional e-commerce - with a High SEO Performance - and fully automated?
ETAZ Web Art Solutions is pleased to present itself to the public as the Optimal solution for the Technological and Specialized Development of your projects, on the web with a High level of graphic performance and visibility - to Stand Out from Your competition.
Our Pro-Services, already used by many large companies and small and medium-sized entrepreneurial realities, in continuous growth, rely on advanced development and programming techniques; computational power, hardware and SEO Designs, which merge within the search engines, for a continuous constant growth - in direct symbiosis - over time.

“It's much easier to double your business by doubling Your conversion rate than by doubling Your Traffic.”

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As perhaps Most people do not know, a Professional website is not only, even if it is of great importance, a Purely Graphic work.
A Perfectly Created website that is "Ebryonical Injected at birth into the Net" - which therefore grows incessantly - conquering organic keywords, and consequently climb  the rankings in search engines,

Requires work of about 60% - At Technical level - in the architecture and development's invisible structure in computer language.

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Here at ETAZ, for this Reason, it happens very often to be contacted for a complete renovation of the sites or, in most cases, with the common request to create an old site from scratch.

As the former, was abandoned by indexing in search engines, not profitable, or even compromised by errors of various kinds; derived from too hasty and decidedly mediocre projects.
In this case, the answer is quite simple.

Many people, obviously unaware of how a website must be perfectly created, engineered and properly technically structured, after days spent on the web, on the various well-known service portals on a large scale - and on social media ads - to find the possible "Best cheap service", usually - directly and proudly - deliver their Great Project and ambition to Realities that, using the bait of "Convenience", return Turnkey projects, at first sight sufficiently functional.

Of course they somehow manage to support the bases - in terms of the client's wishes -as for aesthetics and graphics- sometimes, but, obviously for the cheapness price stipulated between the parties, as well as for the lack of expertise in many fields by real computer engineers, they produce in most cases web projects destined to hide (and indeed, never climb from the moment of publication on the net) in the depths of keyword searches.

Without any possibility of revolution of the Trend just mentioned.

website without seo penality
“SEO Isn’t About Gaming the System Anymore; It’s About Learning How to Play by the Rules.”
Well, as you can guess, there are a huge amount of reasons, which we will explain shortly and, in more detail, on other pages of our site and portal.

Some of a technical nature, some derived from invisible errors that most of the "so-called experts", do not know and have never technically studied (in terms of deep learning); and others of an almost hasty nature, and bad choices.

What we have noticed, moreover, and in these increasing cases, is that consequently the relationship of trust between the web agencies and the customer begins - and ends immediately.

Obviously deriving from the bitter dissatisfaction with the work delivered and, even more demoralizing, from their declaration of extraneousness to the project immediately after publication: leaving the now former client in a situation of abandonment and confusion due to the mediocre work done, impossible to recover; if not with a completely brand new project.

“Effective Search Engine Optimization Requires a Commitment, Not a Campaign.”

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A "website", in fact, can be quitely considered as a real Art Work.
Therefore usually not restorable; or (and usually this happens for E-Commerce Portals or Sites of large and imposing proportions - where you have to wait even many months - for a complete re-evaluation by the known Biggest search engines - that have to re-analyze in the detail it again and for legal compliance check, and new index) if actually recoverable, with great efforts and capital to invest.

seo agency in washingtonIn fact, as regards the normal small and medium sites, as well as for On-Line sales big portals, we are usually required to completely redo the work.

Like a new Ex-Novo project and totally different.

Right now you are probably thinking:

"But why you instead? What more do you offer to be able to afford such security in this field?"

The simple, crude, and perhaps predictable answer could be simplified with three common banal words.

website agency in chicagoOver Twenty years of Experience in developing high-end business Web-Projects, True passion and true results.

But there is More.
website developers in miamiETAZ Web, having the best web programming software which costs is usually inaccessible to common agencies and free-lancers, also integrates the complete technical-specialized skill knowledges (and the correct modus operandi for its perfect realization) into your project .

To make it possible, immediately and in a very short time, the acquisition of Specific high end and targeted search keywords, relating to your company and your business.

In a correct, natural, and organic way.
Words, or organic keywords, if you don't know it, are every web seller's dream.

While some play and burn huge capital on paid keywords for indexing their projects on the first pages of Search engines (the so called"churn and burn" sites in computer jargon),

Your project, obviously with the appropriate times and with our High End Development service, will climb towards the top positions  in a completely Free and Consistent way.
High End SEO Services.
Organic Keywords Natural Grow.
SERP Fast Ranking.
Total Control of Your Website.

Of course, you too can advertise your site created with our service. Certainly.

But the real success (and undisputed will) of a site and of every web marketer is always the organic and free growth over time.
web agency in torontoLooks Interesting?

By developing your project with us, you can also always have at any time, and within reach of your notebook, tablet and smartphone, all the metrics of your Site already integrated for detailed advanced productivity analyzes.

Such As :

  • - Number of visits with relative geographical positions of visitors;
  • - Visualization (also in real time) of the Devices and technology (models of phones, smartphones and PCs) that have and continue to visit your Web reality;
  • - Browser used for the visit, keywords of the path from search engines that led to the incoming click;
  • - Time spent on the site, internal interactions, shopping cart abandonment, new users, returning visits etc.

All in one simple solution.


Delivered perfectly functioning and autonomous.

Yes, with our expertise, we also know how to include experimental applications: such as indicators of "Hot" areas that create shades where for example, the visitor's mouse lingers more: highlighting the so-called "Hot Zones" (therefore studying their behavior ) - as well as (subject to acceptance and knowledge through the opening cookies of the site),
the activation of the front web cam. For behavioral analysis purposes. That is (only for study purposal) to study when the human eye touches the point of distraction from the content. Going back to looking up, and therefore detaching oneself from the concentration and interest in what, in real time, is displayed.

But they are experimental programs. Of which we have the specialized IT and technical knowledge of how to integrate them, but not yet approved from the Privacy Laws on the matter and not on sale  on Our Web-Portal and Services.

Why at the mention of these systems?

Simple. Here at ETAZWeb, we just wanted to give you a little taste of our expertise and of what we know how to accomplish.

Obviously, using communication languages ​​that can be understood by all our interested or non-expert visitors.
web developers in texas
In addition to the creation of high-performance SEO and E-Commerce Professional Websites characterized by high ranking Metrics (and multilingual),

agency professional websites
ETAZ Web offers its customers other highly qualified services.

And some of these can be summarized in:

agency seo in georgia
- Creation of high authority Backlinks interfaced to increase the Domain Authority of your portals or Web creations;
- Maintenanceand Creations of YouTube channels in professional fields;
- Registration and creation of authority backlinks on further secondary important social channels, for the increase of SEO metrics and SERP ranking of keywords in the common search engines as to surpass the competition in an organic way;

professional videomakers agency

- Pro Directories Web Submissions as to increase the indexing and the visibility of your web-portal worldwide;
- Global Web marketing;
- Promotional and cinematographic video creations;
- Social portals management for high ROI returns.
- Social and Blog content Articles for fast indexing in search engines;

website hackers
- Creation of SEO articles, with relative Publication and Approval in the main national and international newspapers and Associate
-Creation of paid portals for Web Binary;
- Problem solving of your PC directly from remote;
- High-level IT consultancy and remote Technical assistance.
And so on.

You will surely think that the prices to have a Highly professional site destined to grow exponentially over time with us, can certainly be prohibitive ...
website perfect seoETAZ Web, knows perfectly the economic reality of today's times, and you will be amazed to know, that we create many websites even for small traders. At truly unparalleled prices and unmissable opportunities.

If you are the owner of a hairdresser, hotel, bed & breakfast, restaurant, pub, carpentry, shop, stationery, civil and industrial plant engineering, pastry shop, beauty center, various kinds of industry, you are a freelancer, an artist and much more,

Don't let your dreams and ambitions tarnished by technical incompetence.
Choose the option of creating something lasting, profitable and growing over time.
Don't entrust your dream and business growth to inexperienced hands!

Give Life to a project or passion destined to grow economically and with Prestige, amid the increasingly fierce competition.

Increase your earnings with our Professionalism and assistance.


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Choose ETAZ Web.


high seo performance website developers

ETAZ Web Art Solutions
High SEO Performance Websites DEVELOPERS
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